Below are the amazing kingdom-minded people that help to make your ministry and vision a success.

meet our team



Marshall Pennell, Managing Partner-His background and education in business and role as leader of a large international ministry prepared Marshall to be a strategist for growth and a catalyst for action who has unique insight into the challenges that face a CEO.


Jessica Ching, Managing Partner-Having been part of one of the world’s largest international accounting firms and project manager dealing with business operations and donor relations for a large ministry, Jessica has a collection of gifts, insights and experiences that allow her to see strategy intuitively and that drive the work of PennellChing.


Linda Capen, Project Manager-As a PM she in involved with most all of the work that PennellChing does. Research, development for new projects, developing and utilizing spreadsheets, organizing and mailing for various organizations. Her broad skillset in organization, attention to detail, and correspondence, make her an important part of the PCD equation.


Beckie Campbell, Production ManagerShe is passionate about spreading the Gospel through audio/video/lighting. With seventeen years of combined live media experience and her high level of excellence with attention to detail, she helps to make large-scale PennellChing events a success.

Ben G

Ben Geist, Graphic Artist-With years of experience in producing high level design work for national clients. Ben’s grasp of ministry, marketing, and art give him the unique ability to produce the quality of work that helps set PennellChing apart.


Morgan Brown, Assistant to the Project Manager-Having grown-up and working within ministry her whole life her education as a public relations manager and experience with several ministry organizations helps her bring practical insight to her work within PCD.


Kristy Bailey, Assistant to the Project Manager-Being part of the staff of a large church as an assistant to the executive pastor and worship pastor she has gained personal and professional experience within coorespondence and organization. Kristy’s experience has proven to help PCD with a lot of broad applications.


Erin Gooch, Assistant-With a background in customer service and data management, Erin has brought her unique gifts to the PennellChing team since its inception in 2009. She has done everything from Project manage, to event coordination and has proven to be a valuable part of the team

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